Braces in Sugar Land

Sugar Land Braces

Whether they’re crooked, crowded, spaced or shifted, did you know that you can discretely straighten your teeth with Invisalign braces in Sugar Land? Provided by your expert dentists at ProDental, many patients in Sugar Land, and the nearby Houston area have begun straightening their teeth with the help of Invisalign. You may not have noticed—but how should you? Invisalign is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth! If you’re considering braces, but are reluctant to go with the traditional metal option, consider going to ProDental to discuss your alternatives with a professional.

Braces in Sugar Land

When it comes to ingenious methods for straightening teeth and aligning your bite, Invisalign ranks among the most inspired. Originally invented by a pair of Stanford graduates—one of whom couldn’t be bothered to wear his retainer every night—it was discovered that by wearing a fitted retainer on a regular basis, teeth could gradually be shifted into their desired, healthy positions. Naturally, being a financial computer scientist graduate, a revolutionary digital modeling system was developed, so that patients’ smiles could be analyzed, and an orthodontic treatment digitally prescribed. Generating the exact, customized specifications for a successive series of fitted aligners, treatment with Invisalign involves wearing a sequence of retainers, which gradually shift your teeth to their desired position in phases. Smooth to the touch, and incredibly comfortable compared to traditional metal braces, Invisalign braces in Sugar Land also have the added benefit of being removeable. That means brushing, flossing, and eating the foods you love won’t become a hassle.

When it comes to your teeth, lay it all on the line! Invisalign, that is. With the help of your expert dentist at ProDental, you can schedule a time to discover the possibilities with Invisalign braces in Sugar Land. To make an appointment to speak with a specialist, call their office today!


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