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Sugar Land Bruxism

Are you in need of night guards in Sugar Land?

Do you make noises in your sleep? When it’s not snoring, or talking in your sleep, bruxism, the chronic grinding of teeth, is enough to make most bed partners cringe during the night. At ProDental, their experienced dentists provide a comprehensive range of dental services, from the most essential preventive and restorative care, to the advanced detection and treatment of Sugar Land bruxism. Dedicated to remaining current with the leading edge in  technology, techniques, and research, the professionals at ProDental make the latest dental healthcare options available for the benefit of their patients.

Sugar Land Bruxism

A common symptom experienced by patients with bruxism is soreness of the jaws, teeth, and facial muscles. However, the best way to diagnose, monitor and treat bruxism is by scheduling regular checkups with your Sugar Land dentist. A telltale sign of bruxism that your dentist will look for is unusual wear spots on the teeth. If left untreated, Sugar Land bruxism can wear down and loosen teeth and damage the jaw. Making use of the most leading edge technology, your dentist can provide treatment for bruxism, to help prevent wear and tear on your teeth and jaws.

Countless patients have benefited from the use of a special set of night guards, custom designed by your dentist. Designed to fit over your teeth and keep your jaws slightly apart while you sleep, night guards are a simple and effective solution for preventing nighttime grinding. Because they are custom fabricated by your dentist, they’re extremely comfortable to wear, and carefully fitted for the most optimal results.

Although the precise causes of Sugar Land bruxism are unknown, the effects are well

understood. In some cases, the damaging effects of bruxism are made worse by abnormal bites. Taking into consideration the unique needs of each patient, your dentist can provide the individualized care you require to help eliminate the harmful effects of chronic teeth grinding. To find out if you can stand to benefit from Sugar Land bruxism treatment, contact the professionals at ProDental today.

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